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Asia’s largest preschool chain and a pioneer in Early Childhood Care and Education

Kidzee Pimple Gurav is founded by highly qualified professionals Dr. Prabhakar Salunkhe (M. Sc. & Ph. D. from Germany) & Mrs. Kavita Salunkhe (M. Sc. Biotechnology). Kidzee Pimple Gurav is recognized as one of the best preschool which provides best in class education in the Pimple Gurav & New Sanghavi area. At Kidzee Pimple Gurav (New Sangavi, Pune), we invite you to come and witness the unique Kidzee experience and work together towards growing your unique child.


Kidzee Pedialogy Facts

Kidzee, an expert in preschool education is the best choice for your child !

  • Kidzee is a part of renowned and reputed Zee Group and Essel Group.
  • Kidzee is a pioneer of ECCE (Early Childhood Care & Education) in India & Nepal.
  • Kidzee is a part of 1900+ centres spread across 750+ cities in India & Nepal.
  • Kidzee has nurtured over 9,00,000 children.
  • Kidzee has a proprietary teaching methodology “iLLUME”, India’s one & only University verified preschool curriculum.

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